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It's been a great while;

Not like anyone cares though. Hehe.
I've been having lots of computer troubles. Sorry guys!

Well nothing much to say.
ANIME EXPO 2010!!!
Even though my friends and I only went 2 out of 4 days we had a BLAST.
My friend went thefirst day as Xion and we meet her rp sister there who was cosplaying as Kairi x3 They were so adorable.
I didn't have much money to spend in the exibit hall but I was very happy with the stuff I got n w n I also met the creator o the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series! I bought a Duke Devlin shirt from him and he signed it x3 he even did voices for us xD that was amazing.
I'll post pictures up soon if you would like! Or next time my computer is up xD
The second day we met this AMAZING Riku cosplayer that told us about a Kingdom Hearts photoshoot and we just has to go!
After taking pictures of all the KH cosplayers we kind of stocked that Riku...He didn't mind though he was very sweet :3 My friend fell in love with him. Hehe she is a Riku fangirl xD oh! And he snuggled her, she fought for his love, and then to make her day complete the Riku Caramelldanced for her xDD She was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.
After our last visit to AX (or home as we called it) We took a trip to little Tokyo :3 And my boyfriend was ever so kind and bought me the most adorable Axel phonecharn x3
Ahh I can't wait till next year n-n I love AX.

I am now a very proud graduate of Valley View High 2010 :3
Finished school April 25th and Graduated May 26th with all of my friends. It was so emotional I had to hold tears all the way through my ceramony. Even my principle almost started crying ;-; I'm going to miss my school, and all the wonderful teachers that helped me graduate n.n

Annnnnnd that's pretty much the stuff I care about to write in this journal :D
I'm on my phone right now and my fingers hurt from typing so much xD
Hopefully my computer works so I can put pictures of AX up! :3
See you guys soon nOn

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Yes! SO many animes!
Can you name them all before it gets to the end!?
If you do you get a cookie :3

Day 8; A photo that makes me angry or sad.
This photo makes me sad ;-;
Poor Reno, getting all beat up by the silver haired men xD

And just this photo, it has nothing to do with the meme but it makes me giggle x3

His face is so cute with the pout he has on his lips because the steering gear broke xD
<3333 Oh Reno how I love you so~!

Day 7// Random-ness

7: A photo that makes me happy;

Yeah that picture always makes me very happy <3
It's funny that it took us like 10 time to make it look right xD
And yes, that is me and my boyfriend about a month into our dating and stuff x3

So today I woke up with a bunch of e-mails about my Fanfiction.net account.
It was on my Reno and The Valentine scene collection.
I was very excited till a thought ran though my head that went. "I bet all the views were because everyone thinks it's a RenoxVincent collection ;w; -level down- xD
But I've been getting messages saying that they actually enjoy reading my little fics :'D
-LEVEL UP!- Ahahaha and also people like my other RenoxOctober fic that I've been writing :3
It makes me happy when i get a review ^-^
That's what gives me the will to keep on writing! Sooooo that is what I'm going to do for the next 3 hours xD
-begins typing- Ahh spring break, how I love you so. giving me the ability to write long into the morning without giving a crap about going to school <3

To Begin Where I Left Off...

Ahh I have had so much going on for me the past few months.
Only thing that kind of sucks is that I got glasses to wear at night so my eyes could "rest"
I laughed and said, "That's what I get for playing video games from 2 in the afternoon to 3 in the morning xD"

I am so very excited that I'm going to possibly be graduating next month! and then I start College -trembles- How scary and intimidating ;A;
Also Prom is coming up FAST. I just found out TODAY that it's going to be in April 10th -w-;
Hopefully my boyfriend can have money to by the tickets after Spring break...Which today is my first official day of ;D

13.5 credits left to leave High school...I can do it!
When ever I think about it though I tend to get really sad and emotional. Because unlike my other school (FYE Alta loma high, THE MOST stuck up there-butt-hole school in my district, pardon my language...) The teachers care about there students. I actually bonded with so many of my teachers that I'm really going to miss them all because they have taught me so much about life and even my self that I didn't even know about!
Like at the High school I'm attending now may be looked down upon on by many, but they really don't know what that school has to offer.
The teachers actually joke around with their students then just bring their spirits down. They help when a student is having trouble, I could talk to one of my teachers about anything and she would listen instead of calling me crazy and sending me to the counselor. They enjoy there students and their job so I actually look forward to going to school instead of dreading it.

Ahh sorry for my huge rant type thing x3
I'm just saying that I am so thankful that my teachers got me to where I am today <3
-yawns- I should really get to bed it's already going to be 3 xD
Anywaaaaays! I'm starting my Meme where I left off xD

Day 6: My biggest pet peeve
It would have to be;
people, not just any people but the people that judge before they get to know a person.
I get that constantly and it just annoys the heck out of me.
For me, I get judged and called, slut, whore, devil worshiper
And why? All because of the way I dress.
I just wish people weren't so quick to judge and took the time to get to know you.
You know? :o



Story Time...? (FFVII & Kingdom Hearts)

So now I am going to be posting my few stories (well drabbles...) That i have been working on the last few hours.
^-^ I hope you enjoy them!
And if you don't you can just sat it .w.;
You can view them here along with my other stories that I'm getting back in touch with x3:

Keep in mind that these are just ideas and not really the final versions ;s;
My drabbles are from Reno's point of view which have a connection to my FFVII story;

I remember when I first laid eyes in the young and beautiful October Valentine. She looked so delicate but in reality she was as dangerous as the devil himself. She knew nothing of this world, her memories were wiped and the only thing she remembered was the basics. It was my duty to take care of her.
At first I resisted and kept her around, as if she were just another idiot trying to ruin my day.
But as the weeks rolled on she really grew on me, and I felt so happy when I was with her.I actually believe that I was falling for her. No, I really was falling in love with October.
I couldn't help my self, and to prove that I was really in love with her Is the fact that I still wanted to be with her even after we found out that the menacing Vincent Valentine was her dad.


This is my Kingdom Hearts story i am trying to get started. my friend and I have gotten back into Kingdom Hearts mode so we started talking and writing stories x3
Mine is based off of the point of view from my OC Dana >A> -don't judge me if it sucks xD-

Sora is asleep now. She said that he would be asleep for a while, to make sure that all of his memories got linked back together. So now, I just have to sit here and wait as Sora, Donald, And Goofy sleep and have their memories restored.
Guess your wondering why I’m not sleeping along with them, and I can’t really answer that question myself, neither can Namine. It’s been a rough rise going through Castle Oblivion as Sora lost all his precious memories. When we were going through I was loosing SOME of my memories, but just bits and pieces that were restored as I slept waiting for my friends to awaken. Strange thing is, I can still remember ALL that has happened in this dreaded Castle. I really wish that they would just go away.
Who knows what day it is. I lost track not to long ago actually. Nowadays I just roam about the empty castle, there is nothing else to do anyways. The last thing that actually happened was seeing one of the Organization XIII members, Axel, show up here. He basically popped out of nowhere and just searched for something. They know that were here but for some reason he didn’t come looking for us. At least I think he wasn’t looking for us.
Namine says that we are safe but… I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that says we shouldn’t let our guards down. If the process of linking their memories gets interrupted, then Sora might never wake up.

Sexy Meme X3

Don't you love how I lie, and don't end up posting anything for weeks? >>
But I never seem to find the time, but it's actually a good thing that I'm not on as much because it actually allows me to not get distracted and do all of my school work so I can graduate early xD
Bahahaha so anyways! Here is teh Meme :D

List 10 fictional characters you wouldn't kick out of bed (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.

1st off is obvious...

2nd; Axel <3

3rd; Neji Hyuuga >A> Don't judge me xD

4th; Death The Kid ^-^

5th; Hitsugaya :D

6th; Hatsuharu Sohma :3

7th; Alucard <3

8th; Mello x3

9th; Kaname X3

and 10th; Renji ;D

Bahahaha...Is it sad that I could actually list 10?
O-O Whatever xD
I have a life I swear ;A; AND a real boyfriend!
-cries- X3

Writer's Block: Life Unplugged

How long can you survive without mobile or Internet access before you break into cold sweats?

Oh boy!
I can't go at least 2 weeks >->
The most has been 2 months and by I was lucky I had my phone xD
Hahaha I am such a nerd...

Well Hai There!

 :3 So this weekend was pretty amazing.
On Friday I had a super fun sleep over with my friends  xD We always have so much fun.
And we started talking about the Anime Expo this year c:  I want to go all 4 days, or at least 3, and cosplay as;
Raven from Vampire Kisses, My OC October Valentine, Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd someone else but I forgot o.o I think it was Sunako from Wallflower :3
That means I have to save up a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of money to A) buy stuff from the expo X3 and B) To get things to make my cosplay items and junk ._. And sense I am a procrastinator, I need to start on them now xD
Raven is easy, I dress like here everyday, Sunako might be a bit harder, I want a kimono for her cosplay, and my OC should be fairly easy. All I really need to make is a Vincent cape and maybe a gun :3

Haha sounds like I have lots of work ahead of me for this years AX <3
But it will all pay off when I go ;D
I can't wait!


Blarg, I am soooo tired.
I think I have some kinda weird sleep disorder...but I still manage to be unconcious xD
Does that make sense?
I wake up every night around 3-ish, maybe thats why Im so tired now .___________________,;
Meh oh well.

I got my photoshop CS4 last night :333
So excited! Muahahaha any ways I have class soon so I have to go :3
See ya~


 I FINALLY HAVE A FULL FUNCTIONING COMPUTER AGAIN! -cries silent tears of happiness-

;A; I can finally get back to posting my journals and stuff!
I bet none of you even remembered that I was gone though so oh well xD 
I'll just post my excitement and enjoy it myself xDDD

-dance dance dance-
Okay, I'm done n.n
I have so many great new things :3 My boyfriends friend (also my buddeh) gave me a disk to install Windows 7 :'D I got it for free! And soon I am going to have Photoshop CS4 :DDDDD
I feel like some type of nerdy princess xD
At times like these I'm glad to be surrounded by computer nerds :'3

Ah, I should be getting ready for school~
So see ya! Till tomorrow then x3
And I'll also start up my "30 day meme" even though that is looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong over-due lol.